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Making a Claim after a Natural Disaster
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Making a claim after a natural disaster


In an effort to assist our clients who are now in need of lodging claims we have outlined below some helpful hints and information that will speed up the claim when calling us.We hope that you are all safe and look foward to working with you, to sort through any damage issues as soon as possible.

“Provide proof of ownership or loss documents as soon as possible (acceptable documentation includes, but is not limited to photos, purchase receipts, owner’s manual and item packaging or bank statements)”

“Where possible, provide photos of the damage”

“If providing a builders report or quote, ensure it specifies the cause of damage”

“Remove any wet contents from inside and keep the premises as ventilated as possible to help dry out and avoid the quick build up of mould”

“If throwing out items in a cleanup make a list of all items with clear descriptions and supporting photos. For ease of replacement of electrical items make sure to include the brand, make and model number”

“Remove all damaged carpet and keep a sample or photograph the back where the make and brand is stamped so we can attempt to replace with similar carpet”

“Dispose of contaminated food as soon as possible keeping a list and/or photos”

“Keep receipts for all emergency repairs”


What information will we ask for?

1. Your policy number

2. Full name and contact details (as per policy)

3. Your ABN if you are registered for GST

4. Details of the damage

If a Motor Vehicle is Damaged:

5. Make, model and registration of the vehicle

6. Driver’s name and date of birth

7. Where the motor vehicle was located whilst it was damaged




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